Thursday, November 22, 2007

happy thanksgiving from the palestinian authority

I frequent life is israel several times a week. The link is to a specific post, but just click his header for the main page.

What I find amazing is the bald-face lying of the Arab community. "What? Us? We are peace-loving, PBUH, yadda yadda, yadda." They are actively at war. Period, end of story. Any liberal simpleton that tries to suggest otherwise is not merely an enabler, they are a co-conspirator. There is no desire within the Arab community to resolve anything in Palestine. Letting them rot keeps them angry - and the anger is directed towards Israel. Just think what the several HUNDRED millions dollars Yes-Sir Are-U-Fat possessed in his personal coffers could have "solved" if he hadn't stole it.

These people will continue to fight until they are killed one by one. Everyone knows they are fighting, but are unwilling to resolve it. Just look at the garbage Israel took because they built a wall. Stupid.

Want to see these clowns at war? Check out the video. Notice the truck driving by - there is open knowledge of these actions. The "I don't masturbate because Allah told me so" crowd is setting up rocket launchers to toss missiles into Israel. At least Sinn Fein had the decency to use the cover of night (mostly).

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