Friday, November 23, 2007

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I’m surfing the net without a filter for the first time in a long while. A post or two below I mention and link to the Life in Israel blog. He’s got a long blogroll bottom right. I am cruising through those sites.

What I find remarkable is the anti-Bush stuff out there. People are so into the moment in front of them. It’s as is they have zero recollection of past realities, and equal knowledge of history.

Remember when Clinton tried to mastermind some military moves, and they went poorly? Did he say, “I could have done better?” No. He blamed specific junior officers and made them hold press conferences to confess their personal ineptitudes. How humiliating. Even if it were accurate, my god, you take responsibility publicly and reprimand privately. How classless. Let’s not even address the type of person it takes to accept blowjobs from interns, and then lie under oath about it.

Remember how they rode Reagan as being stupid? Gee, now they look to him as one of the greatest presidents.

Remember how Carter deftly brought the economy in for a crash landing?

Remember how Kennedy dabbled in Vietnam, Johnson took us in full bore, and Nixon got us out?

Gee, remember how Saddam killed thousands of Kurds with chemical weapons, and how his boys raped and pillaged the countryside? How he had his political opponents killed?

Why is there no perspective these days? Are people that malleable, that vacant? Do people understand that the “rich” give them jobs, and that the government is an ever-present drag on economic growth? That the deduction on your paycheck is what pays for all the government programs – including Nancy Pelosi’s government aircraft that she insisted upon so she wouldn’t have to fly coach like us vermin because she is so very important? That teachers’ unions have destroyed the public-education system? That Algore has an agenda which is not the betterment of man but the betterment of Al? Geez – even the Clintons hate him! That should tell you something.

I don’t like all the policies of President Bush. I don’t like all the anything of anyone, including myself. But I will say this – I find it more instructive of the speaker than the target when someone suggests that a man that was elected twice to the governorship and the presidency is stupid. No one rises to such heights filling an empty suit. No one. Nobody’s daddy can ensure anything so deeply public. Get a grip on reality. Remember the scene in Forrest Gump when Jenny’s boyfriend slaps her hard in the Black Panther apartment? He later blamed “that lying Johnson” for his own lack of control that resulted in him hitting a woman. Wow. Just frickin’ wow.

What do you need in life? A grocery store – that’s a good thing. A fully stocked grocery store. Ever see how well the Soviet government ran them? Are our grocery stores run by the government? How come North Korea cannot feed its people? A good hospital is needed. How come people come from all over the world to use ours? Where is all the aid going in Africa? Not to the people that need it. How come the best health care in England is in the private – non-government – side? How come Blue Cross/Blue Shield will pay for your cancer treatment but the English government denies the request because it thinks there is not a high enough likelihood for survival?

Show me a single instance of greater government involvement resulting in a more efficient system. There are none. Governments exist for the common defense. Anything beyond that is intrusive and comes at the expense of growth – including building roads. You realize, don’t you, that the tax you pay on gasoline is no different than the tolls you would pay on private roads? Government creates nothing. They take and redistribute – yet private charities do a better job of that with a fraction of the overhead.

People who view government as the answer to anything need an economics course – for the first time or again.

People who think some politician is the answer to anything had better review both the question and the optional answers.

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