Friday, August 29, 2008

girls from the hood

Conclusion on The Dalibama speech: Long on emotion; short on realism.

He said McCain will follow Bin Laden to the Gates of Hell but not to the cave in which he lives. Hunh? That’s cute, but … hunh? You gotta know he wanted to make it rhyme by saying “… but not to the cave in which he dwell.” All of a sudden Obambi is a warrior? All of a sudden this hated icon that W went to war over is a desired target? He also said something about taking him out – what happened to granting him full United States Constitution protections under Amendments 4, 5, 6, and 8? And you are going to take the war to Afhganistan? Hunh? What happened to the immediate pull-out? Oh yeah, “end war responsibly.” Whatever that means. I am sure your base loves this change of position. Tell me, why didn’t you talk about the success in Iraq? Remember, the one you said would never be achieved – but was?

If you think a stern talking-to is going to bring Putin or that nutjob in Iran around, whew, son, you be clouded.

He said he will end our oil dependence within ten years. Straight out of a high-school term paper. Son, the power grid rejects wind-generated energy when the wind blows strongest and most steady. It wasn’t designed to absorb such peaks. They have to stop the turbines from, um, turbining (smile). You going to change the power grid in ten years? W is the first to upgrade it in decades, and it is just creating all the redundancies needed to prevent large-scale blackouts. You’re gonna fundamentally alter the power-intake aspects that quickly? How are you going to replace foreign oil without drilling domestically? Natural gas, bub, needs to come up a pipe, too. How about converting our industrial infrastructure to run on alternative fuels? How about all the cars out there? You are advocating new nuclear power plants? What’s the construction time? You run this past Pelosi? You know we are already doing that? We have hundreds of nuclear-waste storage facilities now – at least one located in each present plant – and you are against centralized storage in Nevada. So where will all the new waste go? Look, pal, the reason we are so dependent on foreign oil is because you libs have blocked domestic drilling for more than a decade. You caused this problem. Do not sit there and smugly tell me you know have the answer. Stop drinking your own Kool-Aid. “You Honor, I admitted to killing my parents. Here at sentencing I request the Court’s mercy because, well, you see, I’m an orphan …”

You want to reduce taxes for 95% of families? Really? W took millions off the tax roles by raising the minimum. Remember Bubba said he couldn’t find a way to reduce taxes? You’ll review the budget line by line? Good luck with that. Let me know how it works out for you. But remember, the line-item veto was ruled to violate the separation of powers, and budgets come to you in omnibus form. Also, Congress holds the purse strings, not Executive. You’ll close “corporate loop holes” – like what? Besides the sheer tripe you are peddling, what “loop holes”? The ones for deductions in research and development? What? Talk to me! But wait, you will (which I doubt) reduce my taxes, yet increase the cost of doing business for companies – so I pay higher prices, and the lowest paid will lost their jobs. You are merely shifting the burden from one hole to another.

You’ll debate McCain? That’s like an offer. But all you have agreed to is the perfunctory three old-style debates. You have denied his request for ten townhall-style debates. Pussy.

Why even go into the garbage lines? Women will get equal pay for equal work? That’s federal law, son. You are referring to the statute of limitations for bringing a claim – something in every law in the land except homicide and child molestation. You’re gonna stop insurance companies from discriminating against the sick? Laugh my ass off! Couple that pronouncement with your socialization of medical care, and then go to the UK where people are told – you are too sick to deal with, go home and die; where substandard care is the norm. You’re gonna give soldiers an education? What, the $35,000 or so presently given to them under the GI Bill isn’t enough? Wow. This is mindless crap. WTF?

Explain to me why your people are sending 100,000 e’s an hour to radio and television stations that discuss your connections with Ayers? Tell me why your people are threatening lawsuits, involving the DOJ in these matters? Tell me why your people are invited onto a show to present your counterpoint – your folks refuse to show up – and then you clog the phone lines with your people saying, “this is unfair – Obama’s people should be on, too, to present their side”?

Bottom line, you people are just a bunch of girls from the hood. Long on talk, not capable of face-to-face point-counterpoint, and resort to controlled violence and threats to achieve what you cannot do respectably.

It truly is sad. Bunch of fricking girls. And I don’t mean that in a sexist manner – I mean purely as derogatory. A slap, if you will.


  1. Dinosaur, can you explain the similarities/differences between Afghanistan and Iraq? There was an alleged, deliberate reason for the initial attack. Do you remember the circumstances that instigated the United States attack on Afghanistan with approval from our allies? Now, do you remember the alleged circumstances which instigated the attack on Iraq without strong approval from most of our allies?
    At this time I want to thank you for referring to me as a girl. Dino, I believe a girl in the hood has more mental fortitude than relics who use another gender, culture, ethnicity, or religion to degrade another individual.
    Your understanding of the power-grid is very archaic and proves the point that old Washington needs a serious change.
    By the way, I apologize to the dinosaurs which have gone before us for using their descriptive moniker as a slight towards you and those like you.
    W didn't want to raise the minimum he was coerced into it by the democratic opposition. When did Obama say he was going to increase the cost of doing business? Listen to the full speech instead of the blurb. The only reason you would pay higher costs is by the greed of the companies to keep their profits. Are you an oil tycoon, do you invest in it? If you do, you should be quite upset. The oil companies do not pay out dividends to their investors respectively to their profit. Why do you pay more at the pump? It is not because of a hurricane or the cost of oil per barrel, and you know that.
    Automobiles are produced as flex fuel capable, it is the future. It is a step in the right direction as bio-fuel plants are being constructed. Domestic drilling is not the answer to foreign oil dependency.
    Your maverick POTUS wannabe proposes the same notion about closing corporate loopholes, ask him about it at his next town hall meeting. Feline!
    $35,000 for a college education,I guess the soldiers only deserve an associates degree for their service to their country and to preserve the great American way.
    Oh, about your line item veto-
    "Unlike most state governors, the President does not have the line-item veto. This means that the President must approve or veto an entire appropriations bill and may not veto any single part of the bill. Presidents Ronald Reagan, George Bush, and Bill Clinton all called for a constitutional amendment to give them such a partial veto as a means of controlling federal spending and reducing the deficit. With this power they could disapprove of what they considered wasteful “pork barrel” spending without having to reject the many more worthy projects in the rest of an appropriations bill. Lacking the two-thirds vote needed for a constitutional amendment, Congress in 1996 passed a law giving the President the line-item veto. The line-item veto constituted a major part of the “Contract with America” that had helped the Republicans recapture the majority in Congress.

    President Clinton exercised this power sparingly, but many in Congress—including some who had supported the line-item veto—protested when he used it to veto their projects. In 1998 the Supreme Court ruled the line-item veto unconstitutional on the grounds that it violated the constitutional requirement that legislation be passed by both houses of Congress and presented in its entirety to the President for his signature or veto. On hearing this news, Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia exclaimed, “God save this honorable Court!'"
    It was during this time that the republicans were the majority in congress.“You Honor, I admitted to killing my parents. Here at sentencing I request the Court’s mercy because, well, you see, I’m an orphan …”
    This is not a serious post as long as you blog mere conjecture. So,my statement still stands about McCaint and his viagra and free-basing geritol and his Washington monument, Dino. It is amusing, I must say.

  2. I'll read your post and respond. But first of all, if you want intellectual respect, you do not begin with labels against those you wish to engage.

    Time to reach beyond your desire to remain a teenager. TIme for the adult world. Time to recognize shared respect.

  3. Wow. Just read your comment. How lose your logic is - how partial your arguments. You begin discussing something, then you seem to lose your way.

    This is my blog. If you are drifting to mostly flaming, that's a shame.

    Do I remember the reasons for Iraq and Afghanistan? I sure do. Do you remember the UN positions going to the 1980s? I do. I lived it. You were just a wee child.

    You are facing these issues as an adult for the first time. You shouldn't be so arrogant. It precludes learning.

    Why would you give me a history of the line-item veto without your analysis? I know everything you wrote and more - it's in my lecture materials on the topic.

    Well, best of luck in your learning process. You need to get out of your way. You'll be surprised at how much you will absorb. You are simply not old enough to be so intellectual arrogant. You haven't earned it.