Thursday, August 28, 2008

there was this car salesman ...

UPDATE - Welcome, Conservative Grapevine Readers! Thanks, John.

Politics is getting boring very quickly. The Dalibama is a one-note song: Change.

That’s all he’s got. All he can say is “I am not him.” So he is riding this McCain = Bush equation constantly. He has nothing to offer but that he is not W or a reasonable facsimile thereof. Sad.

There’s two cars in lot. The salesman describes the first car in exquisite and excruciating detail. You get to know not just the horsepower but the also the torque. You know the wheel base, the fluids, the crashworthiness, and the maintenance costs. You knowingly nod your head feeling that you have learned everything you need to learn to understand that option. You point to the other car.

“Tell me about that one,” you say.
“Oh that! Well let me tell you,” he shares, “it is NOT the first car.”
“OK. I figured that part out for myself, but thank you. What else?” you inquire.
The salesman looks at your inquisitively. “What do you mean?”
“Um, power, maintenance … you know, what else can you tell me?”
“Oh, there really isn’t anything else to tell.”

As you try to sort whether to buy the first car or just go home, you ask the salesman, “Tell me. You’ve told me nothing about that second car. I figure there’s something to tell – either you don’t know it or don't want to share it. Why do you even have it on your lot”?

“Oh, that’s easy. You see a few months back I had to buy one car and had two to choose from. I took that one because, well, it wasn’t the other one.”

And THAT, I submit, is how The Dalibama got the nomination and how he will run his fall campaign.


  1. So, what is the alternative? Do you have a selection or approval you would like to refer? Obama has spoken about what he has done as a senator and in his community in Chicago. In addition, he spoke about what he will do in office.

  2. to be honest, he hasn't done much as a senator. the couple of bills he worked on were not milestone pieces. his ethics bill never made it out of a democratic-controlled committee. his legislative record is young (that is kinder than saying - weak).

    what exactly did he do in chicago? i haven't seen any major programs but attenberg - and that is being quashed form discussion.

    in the white house? a month ago he said nasa needed to be shelved, and now he says it needs to be beefed up. he said last month the war needed to end, and now he says we need to increase our forces in afghanistan.

    he is clearly improvising. that troubles me deeply.

    would i have picked mccain? no. but now we have two choices - one we know, and one that is still figuring himself out. call it the lesser of two evils.

  3. first...why do you allow posts from Anonymous...all over the net he leaves his dribble. Obama did something as a Senator, he got funds for the U of Il hospital and they increased Michelles salary by $200,000. to 316,000 go figure that...graft and corruption at its finest.

  4. that's a really good point. i've been making donations for years as "anonymous" and am getting tired of people using my name.

    i think i'll make a rule - no anonymous.

    want to know something funny? i tracked his hit to my site. he lives an hour away and got to my site my goggling my name. must know me. just a girl ...

  5. Well, the lesser of two evils. So, you choose to go with the evil you know. That makes it all better.

    Urs truly, Anonymous

  6. By the way, I do know you and I'm glad you continue to blog. It's very amusing. Under that tough exterior I know you are an Obama man. I won't tell anyone, our little secret.

  7. ah, a student accessing the site from bethlehem ... lemme think.

    well, back to class. obama has no record of independent action. he has only shown himself to go along with the tide. one does not get the most liberal rating in the senate by voting a conscious - that would deter from a pure liberal persepctive at some point, be it from personal history or intellectual curiosity. so the man has not earned anything in my eyes.

    and as i watch him recently respond to attacks, i see more emotion than intellect. i don't trust emotion in the presidency.

    present to me, kindly, dear student, your argument for what qualifies him to be POTUS. certainly, "change for the sake of change" is best in haircuts and fashion, but not something as consequential as presidential politics.

    your serve ...

  8. What is your definition of independent action? I have to state, I believe there is not one politician who can fit into the category of having a record of independent action. Politics makes strange bedfellows.

    It has been noted John McCain will go into a senior rage when an issue is presented he cannot control. Is that the type of emotion you want in your president.
    As for change, John McCain has adopted the same mantra. What happened to his straight talk express? Heaven forbid a president has the capacity to change his mind when presented with factual intelligence and advert the countless loss of life occurring out of a made up war.
    I have to give it to McCain. He is staying true to form with his selection of his running mate, Sarah Palin. She looks better than the old farts he could have picked. His other picks resembled old car wrecks. So she is young and fresh and new, wait a minute; it is the same with his current wife. His ex-wife was old and in a car accident and he left her. His new wife was young, and fresh, and new...what a guy. True to form. What head is he thinking with?

  9. i am writing a post just for you and your buddies. look later this afternoon ... smile ...

  10. Please, do not take too long with this, McCaint might pass away. He can't wait to introduce Palin to Washington. I hope his Viagra holds up while he is free-basing Geritol and introducing Mrs. Palin to his Washington monument. :)

  11. new post has been up for hours - go to the home page. also linked an article in another post.

    now, about your most recent comment. son, this isn't free beer night at gilley's. this is serious stuff. your cracks show a decided lack of viewing it as such.

    class is in ... keep the hallway shit in the hallway. got a cogent point, let's talk about it.