Sunday, September 21, 2008

bad negotiator

My first career evolved from financial analysis to contract negotiation. I have continued negotiating in different forums since. I watched with amused interest as Obama negotiated with the Clintons over the convention appearance. Not only did the Clintons get two speeches – which they should have – they got them on separate nights, which they should not have. And then to top off the infantile management by the campaign, they announced Bill Clinton’s topic – which he said, “No.” He spoke on the topic he wanted. Wow. Bad negotiation.

Now come the presidential and vice-presidential debates. And Obama loses the negotiations again. Structured VEEP and foreign policy as first POTUS topic.

This guy and the people he surrounds himself with are a joke. What would he do when Putin is across the table? There is such a thing as win-win, son.

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