Sunday, September 21, 2008

meandering on track

I have delved as deeply into politics recently as I ever have before. The logic behind my drive is simple – POTUS cycle, very different candidates, on opposition side that I think is not consistent with my view of our country.

What is my view of our country? The first thing that comes to mind is capitalism. With all the warts and hardships, capitalism is still the strongest economic engine in the world. Every socialist model has failed to deliver. The reason, to me, is simple: If you give someone an incentive (profit) to work tirelessly, they will work tirelessly. Some will fail, others will not. For those that do well, they hire other people to do those portions of the work that they no longer have time to do. Lots of people get jobs. If the government controls the economic engine, then no one has the incentive (profit) to work tirelessly. They’ll do just enough to achieve their personal comfort. Without private folks creating jobs, the government needs to create them. Confiscatory tax rates abound as the government provides all the things the economic engine otherwise would have provided.

What does it provide? Jobs instead of welfare. Private healthcare system instead of socialized medicine. Charitable organizations instead of nothing.

That’s our system. Are their holes? Of course there are holes. But who screams the loudest about those holes? The Hollywood blowhards as they go to dinners in their limousines and multi-thousand dollar outfits. The unions as they price themselves out of the market with demands for higher wages and pension plans, so their work goes off-shore. It’s the people that are too pampered to understand or too greedy to care that scream the loudest.

Go ahead and google “too sick to healthcare services.” I have not. I have no idea what will come back. But I have read plenty of articles about Great Britain politicians saying that some people just need to die – we can’t afford to care for their lost cause. Of course euthanasia is supported in the “progressive” EU – they have to be allowed to die on their on terms. The government ain’t gonna make them comfortable or cure them. Wait times for treatment change early-stage cancers into death sentences. It’s a joke.

If you don’t capitalism, just move to Canada or Italy – anywhere else. There are perfectly wonderful countries out there. That brings to mind the pond scum in Hollywood – how many of these clowns have said, “If [fill in Republican POTUS candidate] is elected, I’ll MOVE!”? I don’t think any of them have.

Why? Because this country – as designed – gives them more than any other country in the world. Freedom of speech, economic freedom, the best healthcare in the world … the list goes on. So the only reason I can fathom for their pronouncements is that they believe the American people will say, “Oh, my! If I vote for W, then Sean Penn will MOVE! I can’t live here if Sean doesn’t! I must vote for Algore!” And I thought I was narcissist.

So now I am reading all these political articles. The ugliness directed at Gov. Palin has achieved comic levels. These clowns are trying to construct an argument that her place as a woman is at home raising the children. WTF? Where is NOW and all the women’s lib groups? Why aren’t they screaming from the rooftops? Because women’s lib, as I have written before, is not women’s lib – it is liberal women’s lib. And that is a shame. You mean, I should check a woman’s politics before I pay her an equal wage for equal work? “Yes, ma’am, I know you have two children, but this position has a higher pay grade if you also had an abortion. Have you?”

Don’t get pissy with me – google “palin not qualified has not had an abortion.” It was said by some liberal scum bag. I recall she is the wife of a southern Democrat.

And on equal wages, go ahead and google Obama and McCain with the wages they pay their staffs. McCain pays females more than men – Obama substantially less. Yet, Obama is out there with an ad claiming that McCain is against equal wages.

And further, now there is some study that a third of Democrats have an issue – I think the data was, “attributed at least one negative character descriptive word with black people” – with Obama’s race. Really? Let’s see … the Democrats are the party of inclusion – this seems rather exclusive. But is it? C’mon – negative character descriptor? Give me a list of bad words, and I will associate at least one with every single race out there. Does that make me racist? No. I deal with every single person in my life as an individual. But when asked about Caucasians and negative attributes, I will look back at my personal experiences and recall some negative interaction. The effect is to say, “Yes, I believe Caucasians are capable of being aggressive drivers.”

Are these study people trying to tell me that Obama is half black, and unless we think in the electorate think that black people are perfect individuals that we are racist? Cut me a break. Hey journalist, two plus two equals five for particularly high values of two. OK? True statement.

So I didn’t mean to get off on this side issue. The point when I began to write is that I have immersed myself in politics lately. And the level of discussion is just pathetic. The liberals are in pure junkyard dog mode. The conservatives are pouncing on every misstep by Obama and Biden.

What the broad view? History is amazingly consistent. Biden is too much like Bob Dole. Obama doesn’t have the track record to be given the keys to the economy. All the fluff in the press – and, boy, I have never seen them be so in the tank for a candidate – is meaningless. McCain wins because people feel safe with him. To the extent we want change, it will be seen in Palin.

Everything else is window dressing.

Let’s talk about something interesting. Politics is getting old.

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