Monday, May 7, 2012


somebody got sothereiwas dot com.  didn't check other extensions.  i think it'd be fun to have a blog where every post begins with "So, there I was." and what would follow is just freewriting until somehow a beginning, middle, and end evolve.  i guess i can do that here, eh?

So, there I was.  I had two cats in a box behind me.  Don't worry - box was big enough, air holes, food, water.  Didn't plan on keeping them there long anyway.  Just had to put them somewhere so I didn't have to chase them down for three city blocks again.

I was perfectly fine, albeit still catching my breath.  Then some bird lands on the box.  How does that happen?  It wasn't more than three feet from me.  I half expected it to be a carrier pigeon.  One cat sticks a paw out of an airhole to swat at the bird, then the other one must have jumped at the scent.  Bird flies away, box tips and opens, cats escape - again.  

Let them.  I'm a big believer in letting things that want to run away to run.  I'm tired of chasing.  It's humiliating.  Ending the chase requires some clean up - spilt water and food in this instance, mailing off personalty in another - but clean up is closure.

I set the box right and kicked away the food.  Glancing to the woods' edge I saw one cat disappear in a streak.  The second cat stopped to look at me.  She tilted her head as I frequently saw when I came home from work and decided to sit down before feeding them.  I always felt that there was a "WTF" attached to that look.  It turned and walked into the woods.

At that moment, I was equally sure that I'd keep fresh food and water on the porch, and that I'd never see either cat except from a distance.

Closure for whom, eh?

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