Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I don't write about politics anymore, but ...

I used to write full time about politics.  It became a combination of being bored with the repetitive nature of the story lines, the constant disappointment between words and actions, the everpresent siege mentality that compelled me to bail.  However ...

You got a problem with Romney's video?  Really, too bad.  Look at the federal and state budgets - deficits beyond what anyone can ever pay back.  Why?  Because people play the game to get money so they can sit on their ass.  Why not?  Free money does it.  It's a beautiful thing.  But, as Thatcher instructed us, the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other's people money.

I find it pathetic that the financial markets respond favorably because the fed is going to pump more fake money into the markets via QE3.  Think about that.  The markets rise because the financial state of our economy is so bad that the fed needs to print money to buy bonds.  The financial condition is so bad that Keynesian Economics is looked upon as good.  There is zero investment in productive assets happening.  This is good?  It is to laugh.

Romney tells us that the Palestinians have no interest in peace.  Ditto.  Israel is just another country.  Leave it alone.  The Arab uprisings are about a video?  Are you stupid?  It's about America.  They hate us.  So what?  They take any opportunity to riot like a bunch of emboldened kindergarten students.  It's pathetic.  Time to grow up and take responsibility.  The Arabs and Persians make billions on oil - invest in your own people.  Cut off Egypt and Libya and Lebanon.  Make Syria into Disneyworld-Mideast.  Iran should be a parking lot - the entire country.  Paved with yellow lines and guys wearing orange vests.  Afghanistan should become a jungle, replete with natives killing each other over the slightest indignation.  "You looked at my shoes!  I kill you!"  Go for it.  I am so tired of hearing Muslim-this and Muslim-that.  Kill each other with impunity.  Enjoy!  Just leave us Christians and Jews out of it.  Oh, and I love the way you treat your women like they're second class.  How enlightened, you scum-sucking dogs.

The main-stream media are such a bunch of idiots.  They think that because they control certain portions of the airwaves that they're right.  Laughing.  They're a horde of metrosexual deviants.  A blip on the radar of life.  When they die one by one, no one will remember them.  No one.  They have an inflated opinion of themselves because they're soon-to-be-bankrupt networks pay them lots of money.  Do this, metrosexuals - ask for an income statement by product line.  You'll see that Dancing with the Stars is paying your salary.  How does that feel?  Dirty?  Cheap?  I agree.  You suck.  Own it.

What this country needs is a president with balls.  Romney is the closest thing we have to testosterone in the race.  Obama is worse than another girl on the runway.  He just this mealy mushy excuse for a person.  His wife is non-existent ... a lying fool that thinks we believe her.  Disgusting.

Am I angry?  No, not at all.  Just fed up with the bullshit these clowns feed us.  Shut up and get the adults in charge.

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