Monday, October 15, 2007

friedy turns 163

A well-done commercial can be worth its weight in gold. Look at how much a company image is shaped by things having nothing to do with its product – the Caveguys have nothing to do with insurance. Those characters could have been created for a multitude of industries.

Twenty-some years ago, E&J Gallo introduced the Bartles & Jaymes Wine Cooler. Two old guys that we were led to believe owned this little wine business did the commercials. They were so believable that when they said they needed sales to help with make a mortgage payment, people sent in money. Here’s their bit:

I am sure I can find something more for us common people, but if you are in the business here’s a site (fee-based) with every commercial since 1975. Seems excessive.

These are old, but free. I found another collection with a searchable database.

Why am I looking at commercials? Well, J got me started on commercials on YouTube. She sent me the first one below. I burned out pretty quickly, but did net two more.

I don’t suggest you watch this one at work if your volume travels …

Toyota comes through …

The benefit of sports club …


If you’re playing along at home, in honor of the Cut Flowers/Viagra crack in the post immediately below, I updated Reason #3 in the Top Ten Reasons Your Wife Masturbates in the lower part of the post.

I looked up Today in History (front page – plug in your date), and after all the self-flagellation lately with the words of Friedrich Nietzsche, it turns out that today is his birthday. Almost funny. Would have been 163. Happy birthday, Friedy!

Let’s scan the day’s other events … Hermann Goering poisoned himself in 1946; pussy used cyanide two hours before he was going to hang … in 1520, King Henry VIII of England orders bowling lanes at Whitehall; this is the dude that decapitated people regularly – guess you can’t have enough bowling balls … it’s “Alaska Day” in Alaska; WTF? You needed another holiday and that was the best name you could come up with? … wanna feel old? Bob Weir is 60 tomorrow; if you don’t know, it doesn’t matter – just a long, strange trip.

Also today, in 1905, President Grover Cleveland (Democrat, if case you’re wondering) wrote an article for Ladies Home Journal, joining others in the U.S. who opposed women voters. The president said, “We all know how much further women go than men in their social rivalries and jealousies... sensible and responsible women do not want to vote.” At least the dems have been consistent – same folks that worked to defeat the Civil Rights Act in 1964. It’s what happens when your soul is defined by having someone lick your ass then you stick it up in the air to see what way the wind is blowing. I don’t do politics anymore, sorry. Just dislike hypocritical pathetic losers. OK. Done.

I’m excruciatingly bored. Can you tell?

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