Sunday, June 3, 2007

of lawyers and other whiners

Vladdie Putin is sooo funny. Reagan’s dream of a missile-defense system is in the deployment stage. So, Vladdie is in full temper tantrum mode. An article a few days ago read that Vladdie claimed he could get around the system. In the link above, he is saying he’ll just have to select targets in Europe. Wait, if he could get around it, then why would he need to change targets?

I remember when the Strategic Defense Initiative was publicly proposed. The libs called it “Star Wars.” Said it wouldn’t work, was nothing more than a pipe dream. This is, boys and girls, I was close to the programs in the early 1980s. They had been in development for years before Reagan publicly announced the initiative. They were already off the drawing board and into prototype mode. The development now has Vladdie stomping his feet and holding his breath. If he wasn’t worried about it, he would be encouraging its deployment or staying silent.

If you ever want to know how scared someone is, listen to the empty threats they toss around. I almost feel sad for the guy. Must be frustrating to have your entire offensive arsenal rendered useless overnight.

After a critical assessment, I have been determined to be most like the disease rabies (so is my daughter!) What disease are you?

The Beatles have launched a new site dedicated to Sgt. Pepper. June 1, 2007, marked 40 years since its release. What I find very telling is that John’s voice is not among the snippets of discussion on the site – Paul, George, RIngo, George Martin – but no John. Rather underscores the a-holic nature of Yoko.

OK, I suck at true math. I can do financial analyses, but I don’t speak algebra too good. So where’s the error?

a + b = c
4a - 3a + 4b - 3b = 4c - 3c
4a + 4b - 4c = 3a + 3b - 3c
4(a + b - c) = 3(a + b - c)
4 = 3

I am thinking that I am headed back to practicing law – learning too harrowingly that the corporate world has little interest in buying the cow when it can have the milk for free. Found this cartoon. I better print it out to remind me that I have some old skills to recall and new proclivities to dampen.

My main practice area was criminal law. My teaching since was in criminal justice. I think a future practice for me will be in criminal appellate work. Found a couple more humorous cartoons on point:

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  1. Oh shit. Glad it wasn't when I was sentenced. How ya been darlin'? I'm struggling but pay no mind.