Wednesday, June 27, 2007

opening, then how they find me

Would you eat me? Check out "How it Works" on left side.

I must be delirious. I am listening to an album that I find incredible personal and sad (Johnny Cash, American V), and then I go to this site and laugh my ass off. Keep clicking the can, then wait.

I decided to check out my google ranking. Interesting plcements.

I get a lot of hits based upon some clown that has scammed the Caller ID system and shows a number of 864-223-1911 (put the number in the search box up top at search the blog – the first story has links to everything). On this search, I have the coveted Number One spot on google.

Then the dark underside emerges. I own the second placement in Google for How can women masterbait? I know, typo, old joke. Search it above.

Another google Number Uno: how to properly masterbait

Think first or second is good? Got that beat! Across the entire Internet, this search yields ONLY my blog; we be the alpha and omega: girl masterbaits with broom.

Change genders and I drop to fifth: way for a guy to masterbait

Remove gender reference and lower the age, and I float back to the top: kids masterbaiting

Reintroduce gender and add some scenery – still at the top: how many women masterbait in the shower

Keep gender, add DNA and ESL, drop to second place: my sister me caught masterbaiting

OK, enough of the yankers. Remember my daughter got tossed out of her school? I wrote a piece about it. Just happened again. Such a sweet kid. The problem is me, it is just that the administrators completely lack the testicular fortitude to say they only want people they can control. How interesting Heaven is gong to be! Anyway, I get the Alpha and Omega Award again. This time: "malicious interference with education".

Top spot again for keep getting a busy signal when i call a celluar one. Oh yeah, pal, we can fix that. You buy the extended warranty? No? Bummer. It’s gonna cost you …

Sorry, can’t help myself. Number One: masterbaiting contest winner. Who googles this stuff?

Last for now, fourth place for gravestone engravings + fishing rod and reel. Um, dunno.

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